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Trusted to Lead

Dr. Brad Buckley will Fight for Texans


Our Military and Fort Hood

  • Brad understands the important role that Fort Hood plays locally, statewide, nationwide, and internationally. 
  • Brad will always keep a strong commitment to our soldiers, their families, and our shared community.

A True Conservative

  • Brad believes life is a gift from God. It is sacred, begins at conceptions, and ends at natural death. Life must be protected. 
  • The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right for our self-protection.
  • You deserve to profit off the fruits of your labor, not the government. 

Secure our Border

  • Brad realizes that terrorism proves a constant threat to our national security. We must provide the resources to enforce our national sovereignty by giving border security the tools necessary to protect our border and our security. 
  • As your representative, Brad will continue to shut down sanctuary cities and oppose benefits to those who came here by cheating the system. 

Stewardship and Fiscal Responsibility 

  • We are blessed to live in a country that rewards productivity. We cannot, and will not, accept any taxes, fees, or other government that burden our daily lives.
  • More spending and higher government debt is NEVER the answer to long-term economic prosperity. 

Less Bureaucracy, More Accountability

  • Ronald Reagan said it best, "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem."
  • Bloated bureaucracies waste our resources and your time. We must always protect our free-market so free enterprise can flourish. 


As an elected official, it will be my duty to be...

"A good steward of your resources" and to "ask tough questions"

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